Save Handwritten Forms to Database

Form Automation

We extract data from documents and automate form filing or database integration. OCR and automation for PDF forms, web forms, scanned images, or any document file-format, database, or API is guaranteed.

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Custom Form Extraction and Integration

Our hosted solution will perform your data entry, billed on a per-document basis.

Data Sources

We can process any data source imaginable: PDFs, DOCs, spreadsheets, websites, online forms, images, and more.

Extraction Models

Text, values, or image data can be extracted using methods such as OCR into usable data for your specific use-case.


Data is accessible in your selected format or automatically input into other documents, web forms, or software APIs.

Use-cases for form automation.

Eliminate manual data entry for your forms.

Automating Medical Forms

Data Analysis

Data can be analyzed with intelligence/rules, such as medical or legal documents and selection of forms.

Data Scraping


Data can be automatically retrieved from third-party sources for use in sales or financial analysis.

Automatic Document Entry


Scanned paper forms or data from legacy software can be transferred to new software or saved in new formats.

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Our service is custom programmed to meet your needs, with minimum projects at $1000/yr. We will respond promptly to obtain document samples and provide more details.